Sunday, August 27, 2006


Mel Gibson has been making secret phone calls to Jews in the entertainment industry to personally apologize for the anti-Semitic remarks he made during his DUI arrest last month.

Two anonymous Hollywood personalities who have been called by Gibson told entertainment Web site TMZ that the actor-director wanted them to know he was really sorry and he was working on his "problem."
The "Braveheart" star also mentioned that he hoped he could work with them again.
But the two said that they were less than moved by Gibson's apology, and one of them added that he was unconvinced that the 50-year-old star has changed his attitude.
Recently, Gibson has declined an invitation to speak before Jews community at Los Angeles' Temple Of The Arts on holy day Yom Kippur in October this year.
Following his drink-driving arrest, Gibson's publicist has claimed that the Hollywood tycoon was in a recovery program, which includes a 12-step program to sobriety.
He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge on August 17 and was sentenced to three years' probation.

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