Saturday, July 28, 2007

Britney Spears nose job, good rhinoplasty

To be more specific, example of a smart rhinoplasty and very good plastic surgery. When Britney Spears underwent rhinoplasty, she was already recognized by public, and, probably did not want all American press to discuss her nose. So her plastic surgeon just created a smaller copy of her nose. That's really smart!

Tara Reid before and after plastic surgery

Having done dozens of pictures for FHMs and Maxims, one day Tara Reid appeared on the same pages with surprisingly bigger breasts, so much bigger and rounder that all celebrity blogs immediately suggested Tara had breast augmentation. Her plastic surgery remained a rumour untill November 4, 2004, when Tara Reid was embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction. At P. Diddy's thirty-fifth birthday party at Cipriani's Restaurant in New York her dress fell, exposing her left breast. Suprisingly, it took a relatively long amount of time for Reid to notice the malfunction, which led some to suspect that she was inebriated. Terrible scar tissue was so visible around Reid's nipple, that her plastic surgery became evident - she had breast implants.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vivica A. Fox boobs falling apart,bad plastic surgery

I know what are you thinking upon seeing this picture of Vivica A. Fox inexplicably displaying what is unmistakably a dent on her right breast. She could have worn something more modest to cover it up, but she had to gross everyone out with the worst bad boob job I’ve ever seen.

Tori Spelling large breast implants

Tori Spelling could have used a nose job or chin surgery or maybe even a facial transplant, but noooo, Tori Spelling had to have a boob job that doesn’t do anything for her looks. They’re just a tad too big, and a tad too fake.

Ivanka Trump boob job

It’s unfortunate that someone as smart and gorgeous and of course, rich, as Ivanka Trump would go for implants that would rival that of a number of pornstars. OK, they would have looked fine if not for the fact that the right one seems to be bigger than the left.

Victoria Beckham breast implants,aewsome plastic surgery

With breast implants or without them Victoria Bechham remains goargeous woman.

Constantly searching and experimenting with her style Posh Spice doesnt stop to exite us. Still…what has been most exiting lately are those two round breast implants, looking like two grapefruit halves.