Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Capote director explores immortality

Bennett Miller, the director of the Oscar-winning film Capote, has signed up to explore people's efforts at obtaining immortality.His latest project, entitled The Immortalist, has yet to be written but is said to be "a character-driven drama set in the emerging world of life extension".According to Hollywood Reporter, Miller said that it was not a film about science fiction, but is instead "a drama set in the very real world of those pursuing biological immortality".He added: "It's a pursuit that attracts some extremely brilliant, wealthy and influential people. It also attracts tragic figures. This story follows one such person on his disturbing foray into it."Further details of the film are currently under wraps, although it will be produced by Paramount Vantage and Plan B, Brad Pitt's production company.Miller was nominated for an Oscar for the best achievement in directing for Capote as well as for the Bafta's David Lean award for direction.