Saturday, September 23, 2006

Embrace deny break-up

Despite their earlier comments to suggest otherwise, Embrace have said that they are not going to split up.Their singer Danny McNamara told BBC 6 Music yesterday that the group would split following the release of their next album."I think our next album will be our last ever album," he said. "If we get as far as making it and finishing it. I want it to be a masterpiece and I want to take as long as it takes." He added: "We've worked solidly since I was 17 - that's half my life - and I've done nothing except look at the bigger picture. I haven't stopped to smell the flowers along the way at all."However, following outcries from numerous upset fans, the singer was forced to explain his comments in an interview with BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles this morning.McNamara told Moyles that the band are definitely not splitting up and that "we're going to make the next album as if it's our last but we always do that anyway".He added: "That's kind of how we go into it because you've got to be wholehearted about these things you know?"Embrace are currently on tour in the UK until October 23rd.