Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's father makes public reconciliation plea

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father has attempted to reconcile himself with her by sending out an open letter to the actress.

In the letter, which he sent to the Sun newspaper, he attempts to heal the rift between the pair by telling her how much he loves her and how proud he is of her.

As to why an open letter to his daughter via a British tabloid is necessary, Michael Lohan writes: "It pains me to have to write to you like this, but it's evident that my letters never reach you. My messages never get to you and people continue to build walls between us."

In 2004 Michael was sentenced to four years in a New York jail for drink driving, attempted assault, aggravated harassment and criminal contempt.

Lindsay, who stars in the forthcoming film Georgia Rule, is reported to have been extremely hurt by her father's actions and has often spoken of her bitterness towards him.

Attempting to sway his daughter's opinion of him, he adds: "I can't even begin to tell you how very sorry I am for causing you (and our family) the heartache and embarrassment I have.

"I also know the pain that comes with love, especially when two hearts and lives are divided. Sometimes we run we seek to hide or just escape from the pain."

Lindsay is often in the press for her reportedly-partying ways, and the studio boss of her latest film sent out a shock letter lambasting her behaviour. Jane Fonda, her co-star in Georgia Rule, has also warned that Lindsay needs to slow down or risk getting burnt out.

Adding his two-pence worth of advice, her father concludes: "You are an amazingly blessed, talented, intelligent and loving person. Use it to do good! To set an example by putting God and his principles first. Your love for life and people is a gift."