Friday, September 22, 2006

Hugh Grant is mean to the paparazzi

Hugh Grant yelled at and slapped a photographer yesterday after he took his picture in London. Photographer Bradley Case says he had just taken the picture when Hugh snapped back:
"You're nothing but a stupid t-. If you don't [bleep] off, I'm gonna cut your b- off." Case says he proceeded to "slap me hard across the face." Case is planning to press assault charges.
I love Mad Libs which is why I've taken the liberty of filling in those expletives with my own personal combination of nouns and verbs. So now without further ado I present for you the unedited Hugh Grant insult-o-matic: "You're nothing but a stupid [tomato]. If you don't [jump] off, I'm gonna cut your [boobies] off." Oh that Hugh. His words, they make no sense!