Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Penelope: I didn't want to lose my big bum

Curvy bums are back and one Hollywood star claims she has even become 'addicted' to a false bottom designed to give her a bigger behind.Penelope Cruz sported a fake bum in her latest film, 'Volver', and claims she didn't want to take it off after filming had wrapped up.She says she was emotionally so attached to her role as Raimunda that she wanted to maintain the curves.'I couldn't leave the set,' Penelope told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival. 'I didn't want to take my false ass off. There was an emotional attachment.'Acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar says he insisted on Penelope wearing the bottom for the film, as he wanted her to look like a 1950s Italian screen siren.He explained that 32-year-old Penelope had a small head and an ample bosom, but a 'slender ass', which meant that she needed a little help in this area.