Friday, September 22, 2006

Katie Holmes going Posh?

The fabulous life of David and Victoria Beckham could be immortalised on film. Hollywood studio Paramount has optioned the story of David and Victoria Beckham, from the footballer's humble beginnings to captaining England in the World Cup, as well as Posh's rise to fame with The Spice Girls. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's fiancee and close friend of the glamour couple, is rumoured to be considering playing Victoria in the film. A Hollywood insider told the Daily Mail that Katie is 'perfect to play the young Posh and is working on her accent'.'Tom wouldn't play David however; the physical differences are too marked,' the source added.Actors so far mentioned to wear the Number 7 jersey are Paul Bettany and Jason Stratham. The Beckhams are believed to be happy that Katie and Tom are involved in the screen adaptation of their life, as the two glamorous couples are close friends.Tom and Paramount recently parted ways, ending one of the most lucrative deals in the industry. It was reported that his relationship with Katie had played a part in the studio's decision to cut ties.