Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cindy's Secret

Although Cindy Crawford is threatening to sue the French magazine Gala for publishing statements she never made about receiving Botox, we hear from fashion insiders that despite the false article, there has been speculation for some time the 40-year-old supermodel has in fact had a little nip and tuck. Cindy has retained her flawless looks with "Botox injections and an eyebrow lift," says a source. Her spokesman said: "Cindy Crawford has retained legal counsel to investigate the publication of a fictitious 'interview' in French Gala magazine. Ms. Crawford never participated in any such interview. The interview contained false and defamatory statements." After viewing photos of Crawford from 2004 versus 2006, renowned Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Bellin (who has not treated the supermodel) told us, "She's either had a brow lift or found an incredible new way to tweeze her eyebrows."