Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton break up

Multiple sources are claiming Harry Morton broke up with Lindsay Lohan yesterday at Chateau Marmont after they had dinner on the courtyard patio.
"She was too much drama," says the source. "Lindsay did cut down on the partying, but with her it's all relative. Harry is sober. It wasn't the partying that broke them up. She's young and a little bit immature. Harry's more low-key and not into the same stuff she's into." Indeed, Lohan, 20, was spotted at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont on Thursday, running onto the patio where four of her friends were sitting - and weeping, a wad of tissues on one hand, her cell phone in the other. After the Chateau, Lohan went to Hyde Lounge, where she arrived around 12:30 a.m. and stayed until the hot spot closed at 2 a.m. She mingled with friends and didn't appear to be distraught: "She was having a blast," says one patron, "even with a broken hand."
It's ironic to think the owner of a restaurant called the Pink Taco would end a relationship because it wasn't mature enough for him. That'd be like Mr. T breaking up with a woman because she had on too much gold jewelry and referred to herself in the third person. And pitied fools. And was constantly telling kids to stay in school and drink their milk.