Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Paris charged with drunk driving

Paris Hilton was charged with drunk driving yesterday, making her supposed late-night dash for a hamburger earlier in the month more costly than she thought.

The celebrity heiress was arrested by police in Los Angeles in the early hours of September 7th after she failed a breath test, which found that her blood-alcohol level was 0.08 per cent, the legal limit in California.

Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the city's attorney, confirmed that the 25-year-old socialite had been charged on two misdemeanour counts driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood-alcohol level above California's legal limit.

Although the charges carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 (£530) fine, if found guilty, Paris is more likely to be given probation and ordered to attend an alcohol-rehabilitation programme, the usual punishment given to first-time offenders.

A court hearing over the case is due to take place tomorrow, although Paris is not expected to attend.

Paris' spokesman, Elliot Mintz, said that the charges against her were nor unexpected.

"We are going to proceed with the judicial process," he said.

Paris, currently promoting her new album overseas, told an LA radio station following her arrest that she was on her way to get a late-night burger when she was pulled over by police, who claim that the star was driving erratically.

The heiress-turned-singer, who claims that she had not eaten anything all day and had consumed just one drink after attending a charity event, denied driving recklessly, but admitted to radio host Ryan Seacrest that she was probably "speeding a little bit".