Friday, September 22, 2006

Kate and Owen 'coming out as a couple'

They still aren't holding hands in public, but Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are not trying very hard to hide their blossoming romance. The actors, who met on the set of 'You, Me and Dupree', have been making headlines of 'are they or aren't they?' since Kate announced she was separating from her husband, Chris Robinson. The past weekend, the blonde co-stars spent time at the actress's Californian home, causing People magazine to declare them an official item. On Sunday night they enjoyed each other's company at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they requested a shield be put around them for privacy. Kate had spent the past week in Hawaii, holidaying with her son Ryder, while Wilson stayed in a near by villa. After dinner with friends on September 7th, a source told People that it was obvious the two were together. 'The chemistry between, the electricity, was palpable,' the source said. 'They really looked into each other, despite the fact that they were among other people.'Stepping out together is a change from just a few weeks ago when Owen attended the 'Dupree' premier in London alone.