Thursday, September 21, 2006

Producers want Brad Pitt for Mission: Impossible 4

Brad Pitt has reportedly been tapped to replace Tom Cruise in the next installment of the Mission: Impossible series. Paramount Pictures, who recently ended their business relationship with Cruise, is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Pitt on board for the franchise, and are even willing to make him the highest-paid actor in history in the process. "MI:IV will not include Cruise's character, agent Ethan Hunt," an insider told a British paper. "They're considering a brief mention, saying Hunt retired to live a safe life with his new wife. They're set on Brad taking over as a gutsy new head operative who puts together his own unique team of specialists. Everything's being kept top secret, but they're offering Brad a deal no one could possibly refuse. There's no doubt this would make Brad Pitt the biggest and highest paid star in the world."