Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shannen: I wasn't as bad as today's Hollywood girls

Before 'The OC' and 'Laguna Beach' there was 'Beverly Hills 90210' and before Lindsay, Paris and Nicole, there was Shannen Doherty.And the former 'Beverly Hills 90210' hellraiser now says her wild days of the past are rather mellow compared to what today's starlets get up to.Shannen famously clashed with her co-stars and producers on set, as well as being involved in various scandals back in the 90s.But now she insists she has grown up and that her 'bad girl days' are 'mild' in comparison to the things Hollywood's leading ladies get up to today.According to Contact Music, the 35-year-old actress said: 'Now they're making porno tapes and they're doing all sorts of things.'She added: 'It's so funny to me because, looking back at the stuff I did back then, it was just part of the growing up process.'It has been 12 years since Shannen left the popular 'Beverly Hills' series and she has since starred in various made-for-TV movies and achieved some success as Prue in the series 'Charmed'.