Thursday, September 21, 2006

Owen attends Children of Men premiere

Hot British actor Clive Owen attended last night's star-studded premiere of his latest film, Children of Men.He was joined on the red carpet by fellow Brit Sir Michael Caine and his elegant wife Hakira.Newcomer Clare-Hope Ashitey, who has a leading role in the bleak futuristic film, also wowed the crowds at London's Leicester Square.Set in 2027, Children of Men portrays a chaotic world in which humans can no longer have children. But one woman (played by Ashitey) holds possible hope for mankind if only she can be kept safe.Owen told ITV that the Mexican director of the film, Alfonso Cuaron, was determined that he would not be the stereotypical hero."Alfonso deliberately didn't want the cliche lead character that bursts into life and saves the girl and saves the world at the end of the movie," he said."To make sure that didn't happen in the biggest action sequences of the film he put me in flip-flops."Children of Men opens at UK cinemas this Friday.