Tuesday, September 26, 2006

George Michael kicks off controversial show

George Michael has caused more than a whiff of controversy on the first night of his 25 Live tour this weekend.

In his first foray back into touring after 15 years, the 33-year-old singer made his political thoughts known during the performance of the controversial song Shoot the Dog.

A number of people reacted angrily to the video for the song when it was released in 2002 as it showed George Bush in a derogatory light and Tony Blair as his lapdog.

In keeping with this theme, during the concert an enormous balloon in the shape of the American president emerged from the stage. Michael then unzipped the trousers on the balloon to reveal a British bulldog nuzzling Bush's groin and wagging his tail.

Attempting to promote his singing rather than the cheeky behaviour which has landed him in trouble in the past, Michael said: "As much as I'm going to disappoint those people who want to see more of my bottom, I'm going to be less of a showman and more of a singer."

But it's unlikely that a bit of controversy will do him much harm if he is able to follow in Madonna's footsteps.

The queen of pop recently offended many religious groups with a mock crucifixion sequence in her Confessions tour, but went on to become the female artist with the biggest grossing tour ever.