Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lance Armstrong and... Paris Hilton?!?!

That's it! I'm officially breaking up with Lance Armstrong -- again.
As I've told you many times, I've been a fan for years. BC actually – as in before cancer. He was on team Motorola and I was on team… summer break from college. This guy I was dating at the time talked me into working the West Virginia K-Mart Classic bike race with him for a week that summer. That's when I first caught a glimpse of Lance speeding by and was hooked right away.
Anyway, I'm officially dumping my longtime love. What could push me this far after 12 years of being a faithful fan? He's been hanging out with Paris Hilton.
Here's the dish from Page Six:
Could it be that Lance Armstrong has taken a break from incessantly working out with his new best friend, Matthew McConaughey -- to spend time with Paris Hilton? The two showed up to the Key Club in L.A. Tuesday night to catch the band the Vacation. "They came together, they hung out and left together," said our spy.
So I'm not really breaking up with him… I don't think I really ever could. I'm such a fan. But the fact that he's hanging out with Paris… Ugh! It just seems sacrilegious or something.
Suddenly the whole Sheryl Crow thing doesn't seem so bad.