Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lisa's down-under secret celeb diary

Runyon Canyon in Hollywood is the popular place to get fit. A place to hang out and view the city or get a great cardio workout. And on a lucky day, you can spot a star.
You’ve all seen “The Girls Next Door” on the E! channel. Kendra, one of Hef’s 3 girlfriends-passed me on my run. Lots of interesting rumors about the girlfriends. I heard that they have a curfew. I heard that they borrow Hef’s cars-never own them. Heard they have to always wear Playboy brand clothes. And Hef cut the number of girls down to 3 just for the tv show. Hey they are still lucky.
So I reach the top of the canyon that overlooks Hollywood and then passes Mr. Ben Stiller! He was very fit and nice looking. I was a bit starstruck to him which led to me saying “I love you” as he passed. His Nano was rocking loud so he couldn’t hear me anyway. His films are so fun. Everyone always impersonates his characters. Especially “Zoolander.”
So then my friend Jennelle and I go to lunch on Sunset @ Julio’s. Dr. Sean McNamara (I love calling him by his name on the show) from Nip/Tuck brushes by us on a run. I said “I love you” again! Psycho me! He looked at me all sweaty with a smile! Dylan Walsh is super hot. He seems very friendly. Yes, Nip/Tuck is mostly filmed in Hollywood, not Miami.
Good to know that these stars are getting fit on their own. They don’t need a trainer! I’m in Indiana for the next week. I won’t have any Hollywood news for another week. Keep in touch for more hot and sexy scoops!
Love Lisa